Useful resources

From time to time, I will add references to useful resources.

That is a free way to play and practice with Cisco virtual devices because Cisco gives access to Cisco VIRL simulator up to 20 nodes.

If you do not have any compute resources locally or real physical equipment, It will be great way to use it.

Another good variant to play with real and virtual equipment but it is not free but they give 8 hours trial access to EVE-NG that can run 20-30 IOS router topology or a full-blown CCIE topology.

Also that has other vendors in stock, for example, JunOS, MikroTik and etc. which are installed at EVE-NG.

Before I have started my project, I found that great resource to get knowledge about Network Automation and I was inspired by these labs to do my project.

That source has a lot of useful links to other Network Automation resources.

It is like one database (all in one)